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Call for Student Volunteers

ISMAR '08 organizing committee is recruiting student volunteers to serve in various support roles during the conference. Typical student volunteer activities include helping with on-site registration, packing conference bags with proceedings, setting up and removing tables and assisting with audio/visual problems. Student volunteers may need to arrive one or two days earlier to get oriented with the environment, organizing committee and the resources within the conference area as well as to help with pre-conference preparations.

In return of their service, students volunteers receive free registration and accommodation to this event.

Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of this community, student volunteers will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with leading researchers from various branches of science (computer science, psychology, optics, etc.) and engineering that relate to augmented reality.


Interested students should fill out the brief questionnaire below and contact:

We are no longer accepting student volunteer applications. Thankyou to all who applied

Ozan Cakmakci
Student Volunteer Chair
College of Optics and Photonics: CREOL & FPCE
University of Central Florida

Questionnaire for volunteers

  • Name
  • Email
  • Webpage
  • Academic department/Major
  • University
  • Advisor
  • Research interest
  • Degree program (Doctoral/Masters/Undergrad)
  • Are you presenting a paper/poster at ISMAR?
  • Have you ever attended ISMAR before?
  • Have you every been a student volunteer at a conference? Which one?
  • Do you have any special skills? (audio/visual equipment, networking equipment, data entry, etc.)
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