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Call for Demos

Following the established tradition of showcasing the State of the Art in Augmented and Mixed Reality applications, ISMAR'08 is now calling for submissions of demonstrations.

The demo session is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday 16 September. Demo presenters will have one minute and two slides to draw the crowds to their demo during a Demo Fast Forward early in the conference.


Demo Submission Guidelines

Demo submissions are due July 14, 2008. To submit a proposal for a demo, please send email to containing

  • The title of the proposed demonstration
  • The names of the authors
  • A brief abstract with keywords
  • The name, telephone number, and email address of the contact author
  • A one-page storyboard describing your demo
    • What makes it unique and special?
    • Why will it draw a big crowd?
    • Would your grandma want to see it? Why? Or would an AR expert want to see it and why?
  • A link to a video of the demo (optional)
    • The file size should not exceed 50 MB
    • Please do NOT send your video by email, send a URL to your video file instead

In addition, we need the following information for planning the demonstration space:

  • The amount of floor or desktop space needed (length, width, height)
  • The list of equipment you will bring (be as detailed as possible)
  • Any power, socket and outlet needs. 230V AC type-G (British 3-pin) sockets are available
  • Networking requirements (beyond the common mail/web access)
  • Any environmental requirements (Does this demonstration require a dark environment? Does it produce or is sensitive to a large amount of noise or light? etc.)

After sending an email, you should get a notification that your email has been received.

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