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Tutorial on Hand-Held Augmented Reality

Mark Billinghurst – HIT Lab NZ, University of Canterbury. Blair MacIntyre - Georgia Institute of Technology. Daniel Wagner - Graz University of Technology.

The aim of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to Handheld Augmented Reality and overview of how to design and program AR applications for small mobile platforms. Particular attention will be paid to human-computer-interface (HCI) and design issues for applications and games using these platforms. Following that, the details and best practices on designing and developing applications using currently available hardware and software will be presented. Participants will also learn about programming for Windows Mobile and Symbian, and application development tools for handheld AR.

The tutorial should be of interest to researchers and developers who want to get a quick start on the development of AR applications for mobile devices as well as the HCI aspects that should be considered while designing and implementing these programs. The tutorial does not require any background knowledge specific to mobile device development. An extended version of this tutorial was successfully presented at ISMAR 2007.

The tutorial will include material on the following areas: Differences between desktop and backpack to handheld AR; Design guidelines and HCI techniques for handheld AR; Information on programming Windows Mobile and Symbian devices; Design of an AR framework for mobile phones; Current research directions for handheld AR.

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